Invoice auditing

The invoice auditing is part of the incoming invoice processing, and a prerequisite for the invoice release.

Automated invoice audit

Because  the invoice, delivery note and order are already stored in the documents, the invoice verification can be processed easily and automatically. By means of the field identification, the solution  checks all mandatory components of an invoice and compares them with the stored data. You will thereby retain full control over the process, while the solution ensures an efficient processing.

Invoice receipt book, process history, report functions

Optional use of OCR for the automated capture of invoice data

Automatic classification functionalities

Support of international scenarios through appropriate data structures, character set support and workflow processes

Workflows for checking, release & special cases

Support of electronic invoices, electronic acquisition of paper invoices and ZUGFeRD standards

Optimized work processes

With the solution for an automated invoice verification, you and your employees will benefit from an optimized overall process, because the solution provides various functions for a simple and efficient workflow design.

  • Fast implementation thanks to best practice processes
  • Location independence and invoice release via mobile devices
  • Seamless SAP integration
  • Easy to use web interface
Optimized work processes

Formal and factual examination

Prior to the release of incoming invoices the invoice verification must be performed, which determines whether ...

  1. the goods listed in the invoice have been ordered and a goods receipt has been posted (factual check).
  2. the incoming invoice meets the formal requirements of the Value Added Tax Act (formal check).

The formal check in particular is of great importance for the company's own accounting, because the invoice is only entitled to a reduction of input tax if the mandatory details are noted.

What must be stated on an invoice?

The compulsory information on an invoice is regulated in the Value Added Tax Act, more precisely in § 14 para. 4 in conjunction with § 14a sec. 5 UStG. The legislator distinguishes invoices over 150 euros gross from the so-called small amount invoices, which are below this amount.


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