Contract management

The contract management covers the entire contract processing within a company. In addition to the archiving, this also includes the structuring of information. At the same time, legal obligations must be complied with.

Automated contract management

Various functions ensure that all areas of the company are involved in the processing and filing of contracts, and that order and security are incorporated into the contract management process.

Integration of various specialist applications such as SAP, SharePoint, MS Office World, Office 365

Contract management across departments and specialist applications

Dynamic views of the contract library (for example, contracts by vendor, term, cost center, contract scheme)

Full text search across all contract contents

Audit-proof storage of contracts

Contracts have a special meaning in the company: They are the foundation of the business processes, as they contain decisive framework conditions and governing agreements. For this reason, contracts must always be easy to find and store in an audit-proof manner. This ensures that all areas of the company - such as legal department, purchasing, management or controlling - are integrated into the work process and have up-to-date data at their disposal at all times.

In addition, the contract management supports companies in the evaluation of contract data and the initiation of controlling processes. At the same time, structures and responsibilities are immediately recognisable.

Contracts are highly structured document types, for which a hierarchical storage via attributes makes sense.

Contract management with Doctra

Centralized contract management with Doctra - SAP integrated and surprisingly simple

In our flyer you can find out how to manage your contracts with Doctra in a simple and uncomplicated manner throughout your company. The solution is seamlessly integrated into the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, and maps the entire contract management process completely and in all its facets. Thereby, the strengths of an Extended ECM, and the Doctra templates will unfold their full potential.


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