Compliance in the sense of ECM means compliance with legal and internal regulations in the processing and storage of documents and data.

New regulations

The most catchy way to translate the term ”compliance” is probably ”maintaining regulation conformity”. Even before this term became established in the German-speaking world, companies have been acting in accordance with the rules and laws of the country, the industries and markets in which they operate when filing and storing documents. In particular, new legislation in the Anglo-American areas, such as the US Federal Law on Restoring Investor Confidence in America (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, or SOX for short), has recently had an impact on Europe - and not just for companies directly affected by it, for example, through a US stock exchange listing.

Several spectacular processes have made it clear to German entrepreneurs that they must bear a comprehensive responsibility for the filing of documents. German legislation has also tightened the guidelines for companies in the past, e.g. in 1998 with the Law on Control and Transparency in Business (KonTraG), which extends the liability of the Management Board, Supervisory Board and auditors in companies (changes in the HGB and AktG).

New possibilities

The additional compliance requirements should not be reflected through higher costs within the companies. A company-wide analysis of the necessary steps towards compliance also reveals great potentials: The planning of new systems offers a host of possibilities for companies - not just a greater control, but also completeness and transparency, and thus an extensive access to company knowledge. This can open up numerous new business opportunities.

Fulfilling legal framework conditions

It makes sense for companies today to implement and manage the necessary measures, necessary for the storage and archiving of their documents and data. Process documentation and regular audits play an important role thereby. Both factors help to ensure that the entire document management system meets all the legal requirements.

Process documentation


traceability of the processes within the company

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Monitoring of the process regulation compliance

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