The control and optimization of document-centric business processes

collaboration The objective of workflows or workflow technologies is the automation of recurring processes in a manner which integrates resources (people and documents). Through the use of workflows, employees involved in the process can more easily participate in it while ready access to the information/documents necessary for process decisions and events.

Meeting this objective means putting in place:

  • A reproduction of the company’s organizational structure and the underlying structure of business processes.
  • Where external processing of data is necessitated by the process, integration with specialized or desktop applications based on the business process.
  • the ability to have sequential and/or parallel editing or signing of documents.
  • The entire business process should be modeled through the appropriate tools – ideally, the users would do this themselves.
  • Visibility into the status of the process and the current step has to be accessible and controllable at any time. An audit must be maintained of process status, decisions, procedures and results.
  • Common admistrative functions such as resubmission, delegation, substitution or allocation of deadlines have to be available.

The term workflow often evokes the thought of strongly structured, formalized processes. Yet it should be possible to delegate co-workers on a adhoc basis as a part of the process.

The processes of your company that can be optimized by utilizing workflows must be discovered. This necessities looking at scope, capital, risk, perhaps just asking the question what potential saving can be made by speeding up processes through workflows. Doctra wants to help you look at where improvements to business processes have a potential for cost or time savings (e.g. for increased customer satisfaction and/or customer loyalty).

Essential to process improvements is giving the process actor access to all necessary documents and information. This is where an ECM system can help to optimize your processes.